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Navigating the Current Investment Landscape

"And just like that, we're back to where we started," noted Matt Phillips in an article published on June 8 in the New York Times. He made the observation as, on Monday, the S&P 500, a leading stock market index, scaled back above where it began 2020 - before the pandemic sent the U.S. economy pausing and plunging. It goes without saying that right now is a complex time to be managing our money. In order to make some sense of this uncharted territory, the Coudert Institute recently gathered a panel of financial experts to share their wisdom as part of our ongoing GARDEN CHATS programming. We are most grateful to our Board Chairman Bill Johnston for facilitating this incredibly timely discussion with Scott Sandstrom and Putnam Kling of Spearhead Capital, along with Diego Urrutia of JP Morgan Private Bank. In conversation, the panel explores some of the reasons for the current market's unpredictability as well as highlighting the investment challenges and opportunities such conditions deliver. It is our hope that their insights and expertise will serve you as we continue to navigate these uncertain times.

So... Where Do You Find Yield Today?

This million dollar question is among the inquiries the group tackled as they sat down last week in the gardens at Villa Fiori. "I think you have to be very discerning in looking at alternatives and private equity in order to find yield at this time," cautions Putnam Kling, a Wealth Management Director and ESG Specialist at Spearhead. Diego Urrutia, a Private Banking Client Advisor in JP Morgan's Palm Beach office sees the current market variability as a potential entry point for short term trading. "You've seen a lot of volatility," he notes. To the extent that there are some short term products out there where you are selling volatility, you're going to get rewarded pretty handsomely. There are some very interesting yielding opportunities out there... you just have to be very selective."

Spearhead Capital's Scott Sandstrom, a Partner & Senior Managing Director of Liquid Market Strategies, describes his boutique firm as, "three companies under one roof". Founded in 2011, the Wellington-based firm offers clients broker/dealer services, insurance consulting as well as wealth management advisory. "We want to look at the entire client balance sheet to make sure that not only the asset allocation is correct, but also the asset location is correct," points our Sandstrom as the conversation launches. We are fortunate to have such a wealth of financial experts at our disposal here in the Palm Beach community, and are pleased to share some of that with you through this new episode of GARDEN CHATS. Enjoy the full conversation, Navigating the Current Investment Landscape, by clicking HERE.

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