Coudert Institute is offering Underwriting Sponsorships to corporations and organizations as a means of reaching out to the community and creating relationships between its members and the local businesses and organizations.

The Coudert Institute, a not-for-profit 501c(3) organization based in Palm Beach, Florida, is supported by members’ fees, foundations, and individual grants.  Current members of the Institute pay $2,000 annually and are composed of the high net income community of Palm Beach. Events are open to the public on an individual basis, however the Meet & Greet Receptions are for Members only.

Since 2001, Coudert Institute has proven to provide a means for an open dialogue and a free exchange of ideas amongst its members by bringing well-regarded speakers who are the world’s leading political, theological, scientific, and corporate minds to speak to limited groups of people about subjects that matter. The discussions include but are not limited to physics, foreign policy, health, humanities and the arts.

Each season Dale Coudert chooses programs with forethought of not what is necessarily relevant today, but would be relevant for the next few years. With the world in turmoil and everyone wondering where our political and financial futures lay, she is a forward thinker.  An advocate of everything new in science and medicine each season she focuses on major issues.

Past speakers have included Professor Murray Gell-Mann, Jeremy Wiesen, Ralph Nurnberger, Muriel Siebert, Dr. Mahmet Oz...just to name a few. Past subject matter has included: The War on Terrorism, Security VS Freedom in the Aftermath of 9/11, The Effects of Genetics and Medicine in the 21st Century, Restoring Investor Confidence in Equity Securities, Spirituality and Health in the Age of Science, Making Sense of the Senseless Middle East and numerous others. Speakers for the upcoming season are attached.

Underwriting benefits include:
            Your organization’s name listed on all promotional material associated with the event   
            (advertising, flyers, email blasts to more than 1,300 email addresses)

            Recognition at the event (signage and recognition from the podium)

            FOUR seats at the head table & FOUR tickets to the Meet & Greet Reception (for 

            FIVE minutes to speak about your organization

Underwriting Sponsorships are available:
            $50,000  for ALL EVENTS for the season

            $10,000 for Exclusive Underwriter for a single event

             $5,000 for Event Underwriter for one event with multiple sponsors

We’d love for you to join us in support of subjects that matter and people who make a difference.  Click below or call us at 561.659.6161 to sponsor!

Coudert Institute
127 N Flagler Drive West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Telephone: 561-659-6161     Fax: 561-659-6419

Please send all correspondence and donations to:
163 Seminole Avenue, Palm Beach, FL 33480