Newly emerging from this arduous chapter of isolation, now more than ever is the time to connect and recognize our shared humanity, and allow it bring out what is best in each of us as we continue to move through this world. Through extraordinary programming this is the reality which will drive the Coudert Institute’s brand new season, launching in November.

Over two decades ago, the Institute was founded as a forum in which to realize this bold vision. Back then, who could have imagined these unparalleled times in which we as a nation and world find ourselves. Yet, our way through remains the same. We need to talk to one another. We need ideas that can change the world. I continue to be amazed by what happens when we stretch to welcome the voices which compete with our own and join together in honest conversation to explore the mystery that is this human existence.

Our 2022 season will be brimming with a host of leaders in the world of science, education, digital technology, medicine, and the humanities, and will kick off tackling the ever pertinent topic of justice, featuring a panel led by DR. WILLIAM C. COOK. Following will be an appearance from the New York Times best-selling author LAURENCE LEAMER as he shares his brand new book Capote’s Women (Putnam 2021). From there, the Institute moves into gutsy topics such as campus culture (with Campusland author SCOTT JOHNSTON) and the responsibility of the media in our evolving culture — featuring an all star panel of renowned journalists. Highlighting our season will be a rare local appearance by DR. TONY NADER as he shares his newly released book One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness (Random House, 2021). Our 2022 programming will also find us once again partnering with the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation as we celebrate the natural world. Peppered throughout our series of dynamic programming will be a lineup of (in person) world renowned musical performers and other arts luminaries sharing their gifts.

"The truth is we are all human beings, and there are common threads in every civilization. My ongoing vision is to create the conditions which allow us to engage in spirited and civil dialogue in order to drive solutions to the issues challenging each of us."

COUDERT INSTITUTE FOUNDING DIRECTOR, DALE COUDERT Every season finds us welcoming a host of new voices to our conversation. We hope this addition will include you! Please join us in beautiful Palm Beach for what we know will be a groundbreaking season! Enjoy this brand new conversation with STAR JONES and the Coudert Institute's Founding Director DALE COUDERT... CLICK HERE.

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Updated: Apr 14

"In a democracy... people have to talk." In his two day seminar, titled American Democracy Today and the Future, Dr. Bill Cook reminded us of this charge made by the french nobleman and political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville back in the 1800s. This timeless notion is precisely what fueled our drive to deliver a 2021 season - to see that the show went on, despite the world's chaos. Gatherings of minds matter, perhaps now more than ever, and history continues to illustrate that such conversations start a ripple.

Culture is our way of understanding who we are. Culture answers the question, "HOW DO WE LIVE HERE?"

Embracing technology and sampling a brand new location at The Ben Hotel in West Palm Beach, we began our season by joining together, in the company of a dynamic panel of renowned political journalists, on the eve of one of our nation's most significant elections. That launching point led us into the timely exploration of what diplomatic relations might look like between the United States and the Middle East under the new (incoming) administration. As we welcomed the start of 2021, The Institute went on to tackle topics such as international spying, smart eating, de Tocqueville, memoir, time and the future of digital currency in the fine art markets. We partnered with our friends the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation to present the ecologist and author and "one of the most important voices for nature of our time" Carl Safina as he reminded us of the profound depth of beauty of the living world, and cautioned us of its current state of peril.

Author Susan Cheever opened her March presentation, which focused on "genius clusters", by praising the magic of "incidental conversations" and the resilience they offered to her personally throughout this most uncertain of times. "To me, one of the things I've learned in this past year is the importance of community, the importance of our friends, and especially the magic of conversation." We could not agree more, and this "magic" is the pillar on which the Coudert Institute continues to rest. On behalf of The Institute and its Board of Directors, we are beyond grateful to Susan and to all of our presenters, many of whom who traveled here to Palm Beach in order to share their wisdom and power our season forward:

MARGARET CARLSON, ELEANOR CLIFT, STEVE CLEMONS, ALVIN FELZENBERG, KIRSTEN FONTENROSE, KEITH MELTON, CHEF ALLEN CAMPBELL, MYLES LUDWIG, CARL SAFINA, DR. BILL COOK, ERIC WIND, MICHAEL GREENBERG, SUSAN CHEEVER Whether in person (at a social distance), or remotely via technology, to each of you who joined us in our mission to soldier on and continue to converse civilly on subjects at the forefront... THANK YOU! Thank you for your unwavering support and for your patience as we navigated new frontiers in technology. Most importantly, thank you for sharing your curiosity and your open mind(s) in our shared promise of perhaps seeing things in some new ways, despite the tumult that was 2020 - 2021. As always, we welcome your feedback and your input as we begin to build our programming for next year. We invite you to revisit the rich conversations and experiences of our 2021 season throughout the summer by visiting our video archives HERE.

We look forward to welcoming EVERYONE back in our 2022 season, and to reintroducing our world class musical programming outdoors in the beautiful garden. Stay safe, and see you next season!

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The Concord writers wrote some of the most famous and influential books of the 19th century.

Louisa May Alcott is beloved for her novel Little Women. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote many notable books such as the Scarlet Letter and the House of Seven Gables. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s most recognized works are his volumes of poetry titled Essays, First and Second Series, as well as his poem the Concord Hymn which famously coined the phrase “the shot heard round the world”. And, Henry David Thoreau is most extolled for his book Walden in which he went to the woods "in order to live more deliberatley".

Much like another celebrated literary group, the London Bloomsbury Group, the Concord writers had a shared set of values, morals, beliefs and a common appreciation for art and literature. They were abolitionists, transcendentalists, nature lovers as well as writers and poets. In her upcoming Coudert Institute presentation, The Concord Writers, author Susan Cheever will explore the nature of this genius cluster amongst which creativity was so well transmitted. In doing so, she'll share her beloved book American Bloomsbury, unpack the merits of creative connection, and compare contagion to its modern day applications.

Susan Cheever is an acclaimed, best-selling author whose sixteen published books and dozens of essays have built on the brilliant legacy of her father, the novelist and short story writer John Cheever whose stories will be the subject of her upcoming book When All the Men Wore Hats. She has published five memoirs, three additional biographies including the best-selling American Bloomsbury: Louisa  May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Nathaniel HawthorneandHenry David Thoreau, their lives, their loves, their work, and My Name is Bill, Bill Wilson--His Life and the Creation of Alcoholics Anonymous, and five novels.  Her book about American history as seen through the lens of alcoholism Drinking in America. Our Secret History was published in 2015 and longlisted for the PEN/John Kenneth Galbraith Award for nonfiction. Her biography of the poet E.E. Cummings was published in February of 2014. Her biography of Louisa May Alcott was published in November 2010. She has written for many magazines and newspapers including The New Yorker, The New York Times and Newsday where she contributed to winning a 1997 Pulitzer Prize for breaking news. She has also taught at Yale, Sarah Lawrence, Brown University, the New School and Bennington.  Her other awards include a National Book Critic Circle nomination, the Associated Press award for investigative reporting, the Boston Globe's Winship Medal, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. She's on the board of the Yaddo Corporation and the Author's Guild Council. We are beyond delighted to welcome her here to Palm Beach this season What are the blessings of community? Join us at 11:30, on Thursday, March 18, for lunch and discussion at The Sailfish Club as the Coudert Institute probes this timely inquiry. Purchase tickets HERE.

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