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Newly emerging from this arduous chapter of isolation, now more than ever is the time to connect and recognize our shared humanity, and allow it bring out what is best in each of us as we continue to move through this world. Through extraordinary programming this is the reality which will drive the Coudert Institute’s brand new season, launching in November.

Over two decades ago, the Institute was founded as a forum in which to realize this bold vision. Back then, who could have imagined these unparalleled times in which we as a nation and world find ourselves. Yet, our way through remains the same. We need to talk to one another. We need ideas that can change the world. I continue to be amazed by what happens when we stretch to welcome the voices which compete with our own and join together in honest conversation to explore the mystery that is this human existence.

Our 2022 season will be brimming with a host of leaders in the world of science, education, digital technology, medicine, and the humanities, and will kick off tackling the ever pertinent topic of justice, featuring a panel led by DR. WILLIAM C. COOK. Following will be an appearance from the New York Times best-selling author LAURENCE LEAMER as he shares his brand new book Capote’s Women (Putnam 2021). From there, the Institute moves into gutsy topics such as campus culture (with Campusland author SCOTT JOHNSTON) and the responsibility of the media in our evolving culture — featuring an all star panel of renowned journalists. Highlighting our season will be a rare local appearance by DR. TONY NADER as he shares his newly released book One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness (Random House, 2021). Our 2022 programming will also find us once again partnering with the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation as we celebrate the natural world. Peppered throughout our series of dynamic programming will be a lineup of (in person) world renowned musical performers and other arts luminaries sharing their gifts.

"The truth is we are all human beings, and there are common threads in every civilization. My ongoing vision is to create the conditions which allow us to engage in spirited and civil dialogue in order to drive solutions to the issues challenging each of us."

COUDERT INSTITUTE FOUNDING DIRECTOR, DALE COUDERT Every season finds us welcoming a host of new voices to our conversation. We hope this addition will include you! Please join us in beautiful Palm Beach for what we know will be a groundbreaking season! Enjoy this brand new conversation with STAR JONES and the Coudert Institute's Founding Director DALE COUDERT... CLICK HERE.

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