Dale Coudert

Founding Director, the Coudert Institute

For over five decades, Dale Coudert has been bringing people together and facilitating dialogue on subjects that matter. What began in her fabulous Manhattan living room in the early 1960s, over time, evolved into the Palm Beach-based non-profit Coudert Institute of today.

A Chicago native, Dale has lived many lives.  She became a commercial and investment real estate broker with Cross & Brown in New York City.  On the heels of that chapter,  dissatisfied with

women's inability to secure loans and credit cards in their own names, Dale became part of the group behind the First Women’s Bank.  Her primary role in the office of the president was overseeing business development.  During this time, Ms Coudert spoke on contemporary banking and entrepreneurship in China, Russia, and other parts of the world.

In the early 1990s, Dale Coudert worked alongside John Wallach in the creating of Seeds of Peace, a camp with an inspired goal:  to inspire and equip them the next generation of leaders from Palestine, Israel, and Egypt with the skills to advance lasting peace.  Dale was instrumental in ensuring that young women were included in its mission.

In the 1990s Dale relocated to Palm Beach and joined Dr. Steven Rose, a retired dentist and sculptor, at the acclaimed Addison Mizner estate, Villa dei Fiori.  In 2000, Dale founded the Coudert Institute to open dialogue and free exchange of ideas among its members and the world’s leading political, scientific, corporate, and theological minds. The in-depth nature of the Coudert Institute lectures, discussions, and debates serves as a catalyst to its ultimate goal: solutions.

Dale has served on the board of directors of the Palm Beach Zoo and the National Committee of the Aspen Art Museum.  She is a member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Committee of the Kennedy Center, and the International Women’s Forum.  Dale is featured in Who’s Who in America.  She has also served as regent of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and on the board of the Ecumenical Group, Temple of Understanding, with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.

After finishing her studies at Northwestern University in 1963, Dale studied at both Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business to advance her facility in domestic and international negotiation as well as in commercial transaction strategy.

Dale is the mother of two grown daughters, Dana and Ali, and grandmother to their four daughters. The Coudert Institute motto remains the core of inspiration for Dale Coudert’s ongoing work: 

Subjects that Matter, With People Who Make a Difference.”

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