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Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Imagine if all human beings treated each other with the empathy and love that

dogs feel for their owners? Now imagine a dog gaining the power of human speech through technological means, the whole world curious to hear what a dog has to say. What if that dog used her newfound ability to spread her message of a dog’s empathy to all human beings?  The Coudert Institute is excited to introduce a most unusual guest -- Daphne Simone, Cocker Spaniel. Raised in New York and Palm Beach by loving owners, Daphne Simone had her first taste of recognition when she won America’s Top Dog Model at the age of one. She went on to pen the book “I, Daphne Simone, World Leader (a True Story)”, which is her story of how she gained the ability to speak, and then used her voice to lift people up and help make the world a better place.  Lately, Daphne Simone has been creating a multitude of short, whimsical filmed segments on what she sees as our species’ biggest challenges, in which she presents her novel insights and solutions based on the innate sense of empathy that dogs feel for all human beings.  Her owner, Jeremy Wiesen, “assisted” Daphne Simone in the writing of her book and the creation of these videos. Jeremy is a retired Professor of Entrepreneurship who has taught at Wharton, NYU, Columbia, and Stanford among others, and is a creator of successful business and media ventures. When Daphne Simone came into his life he would look into her eyes and think, “If only humans could have this much empathy for each other.” And so, he enabled Daphne Simone to spread her unique message on how to apply a dog’s empathy toward solving national, global, and personal challenges.  In the two videos we are presenting to you today, Daphne Simone explains her passion for the growing movement to ensure women have an equal place in business, management and on boards of directors, and also discusses her novel ideas for how corporations should play an instrumental, empathetic role in fixing this country’s housing crisis.  Watch Daphne Simone’s videos by clicking on the links below...

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