In 1845, the United States Congress chose a single date for all national elections in all states. The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November was chosen so that there would never be more than 34 days between Election Day and the first Wednesday in December. This year the first Monday happens to be November 2nd, and the Coudert Institute will make the most of it with a spirited ELECTION EVE primer featuring The Hill's Editor at Large Steve Clemons and a 20-year veteran of Time Magazine, Margaret Carlson. Over three courses, these two well-seasoned political journalists will tackle multiple aspects of the most extraordinary election season in recent history. Coudert Institute Member Tickets and Non-Member Tickets are now available through this LINK. Please note that remote attendance is available for this program.

Throughout history, the race for the United States presidency has delivered its share of hotly contested elections between the Democratic Party, Republican Party and various third-party candidates. But, in terms of drama, 2020 may just take the cake? "President Trump is running like no one before, save himself in 2016," says Carlson. "He’s turned Biden into the incumbent." As Clemons and Carlson slug it out over the presidential race, during the program they'll also dive into Mitch McConnell and his first worrisome race in decades, against former pilot Amy McGrath. Will he remain Senate Majority Leader... or Senator? On the menu for "dessert", the two septuagenarians will tackle Trump’s threat to reject the election results and the dystopian nightmare that would follow.

Speaking on the nature of the historical pattern known as "October Surprises", in a recent appearance with Chip Reid on CBS Sunday Morning, Carlson suggests that some are carefully orchestrated, but some come out of the blue. "Is it a man-made (or woman-made) surprise, or is it an event beyond anyone's capacity to control... or, is it something in an ongoing scandal?" Although the phenomenon historically occurs in October, given this head spinning election season's volatility, could we also be in for some November surprises?

Margaret Carlson was Time Magazine's first woman columnist, and a panelist for 17 years on CNN's Capital Gang. She began her journalism career after graduating George Washington Law School at the Legal Times, a halfway house for unhappy members of the DC Bar. She also worked at Bloomberg News and The New Republic.

Prior to assuming his current role at The Hill, America's most read political media platform, Steve Clemons served as Editor at Large of The Atlantic.  He is proprietor of the popular political blog, The Washington Note.  He also founded and serves as Senior Fellow of the American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation where he previously served as Executive Vice President.  He appears frequently as a political commentator across major news networks in the U.S. and around the world and is also host of the popular weekly news show, The Bottom Line, which appears on the Al Jazeera English global network.

For this event, we are delighted to stream both Steve and Margaret in from the center of ALL the action, the nation's capitol... Washington D.C. This is an event not to be missed, and we hope that you'll join us for this historic kick-off to our Coudert Institute 2020 - 2021 Season!

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Imagine if all human beings treated each other with the empathy and love that

dogs feel for their owners? Now imagine a dog gaining the power of human speech through technological means, the whole world curious to hear what a dog has to say. What if that dog used her newfound ability to spread her message of a dog’s empathy to all human beings?  The Coudert Institute is excited to introduce a most unusual guest -- Daphne Simone, Cocker Spaniel. Raised in New York and Palm Beach by loving owners, Daphne Simone had her first taste of recognition when she won America’s Top Dog Model at the age of one. She went on to pen the book “I, Daphne Simone, World Leader (a True Story)”, which is her story of how she gained the ability to speak, and then used her voice to lift people up and help make the world a better place.  Lately, Daphne Simone has been creating a multitude of short, whimsical filmed segments on what she sees as our species’ biggest challenges, in which she presents her novel insights and solutions based on the innate sense of empathy that dogs feel for all human beings.  Her owner, Jeremy Wiesen, “assisted” Daphne Simone in the writing of her book and the creation of these videos. Jeremy is a retired Professor of Entrepreneurship who has taught at Wharton, NYU, Columbia, and Stanford among others, and is a creator of successful business and media ventures. When Daphne Simone came into his life he would look into her eyes and think, “If only humans could have this much empathy for each other.” And so, he enabled Daphne Simone to spread her unique message on how to apply a dog’s empathy toward solving national, global, and personal challenges.  In the two videos we are presenting to you today, Daphne Simone explains her passion for the growing movement to ensure women have an equal place in business, management and on boards of directors, and also discusses her novel ideas for how corporations should play an instrumental, empathetic role in fixing this country’s housing crisis.  Watch Daphne Simone’s videos by clicking on the links below...

Women in Business and Housing Crisis Solution

Updated: Sep 25

We invite you to be a part of the Coudert Institute's fabulous new 2021 Season brimming with best-selling authors, celebrated chefs, distinguished political journalists, world renowned musicians, international affairs experts and a host of other luminaries! For over two decades, the Coudert Institute has strived, in a non-political manner, to represent a mosaic of the world's diversity through both action and intent, and we look forward to reconvening in our upcoming season, especially after this extended period of self-isolation!  Using the utmost caution in planning our 2021 season, we are committed to soothing some of the fatigue brought on by these uncertain times. We have a fabulous season on tap, and we invite you to be a part of it! The Coudert Institute is unique in that we remain a fairly compact community. This allows us to resume our boutique-style in person gatherings. In addition to wearing masks and practicing social distancing, we will cap our attendance and host our events in over-sized settings, allowing us to safely distance from one another yet still enjoy some aspects of human connection. We also look forward to continuing to offer our musical programming outdoors, in the gardens, as much as possible. And, for those of you who may prefer to join us from afar, we hope to have much of our content available for remote consumption. Please learn more about our brand new season HERE.

In addition to our fabulous SPEAKER SERIES and CONCERTS IN THE GARDEN, new in 2021 are our salon-style EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS to which current (2021 Season) members will be given priority access. RIGHT NOW is the time to join the Coudert Institute, or renew your membership for this wonderful season we have planned!

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The Coudert Institute welcomes and embraces diversity in membership, as it is only through the lens of our unique and varied experiences that we may hope to glimpse the wisdom we need in order to make meaningful change in the world. Here's to a brand new season. We can't wait to see you!

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