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“Cybersecurity for Life – Surviving the Coming Era of Cybercrime”

Luncheon at the Sailfish Club  COST to Non-Members: $150
FEATURING: Brad Deflin, Total Digital Security
Brad’s presentation center on individuals and personal technology. How bad is cybercrime? Why is it happening and what does that mean for the future? What can I do about it?

Brad Deflin founded Total Digital Security after 25 years in executive leadership roles with Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Wells Fargo, and J.P. Morgan. His inspiration to start TDS in 2013 came from the purview of people, risk management, and an analytical understanding of digitally driven change. Brad’s career in the financial services industry honed his expertise in operations technology, risk management, and online digital security. The experience fueled his vision for a comprehensive approach to providing individuals and personal technology with enterprise-grade protection from cyber risk. 

Tickets $150