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A conversation with Lucinda Franks


A very special afternoon with author Lucinda Franks on her book ‘Timeless’ Love, Morgenthau and Me. Franks was a young Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and 60s radical.  Robert Morgenthau was a famous lawyer, a powerful member of the New York establishment who’d been a Democratic nominee for the governorship in 1962. When they met she was 26 and he was three decades older, a widower with 5 children. A marriage that was never supposed to happen, a love affair that spans over 37 years, an inspiration, a love story you will want to read over and over again. Please join us for a very stimulating afternoon for tea and conversation.

More on Lucinda Franks here

  • Registration 3:30PM- 4PM

  • Tea and Crumpets 4 PM

  • Conversation 4:30-5:30 PM

  • Reservations limited, first come, first serve basis
  • Call for reservations 561.659.6161 and Location
  • Annual Members Free
  • Non Members $70.00
  • Valet Parking