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Stay Astonished... In the Garden with Joyce Tenneson

Updated: May 2, 2020

As we continue our commitment to keeping in touch with our members during this time of social distancing, the Coudert Institute is delighted to offer some brand new programming... GARDEN CHATS. GARDEN CHATS are relaxed conversations with a wide range of well- respected luminaries. Filmed on location, the conversations are designed to bring you some pause while keeping you curious. Coudert Institute Founder Dale Coudert was so grateful for the opportunity to sit down in the outdoor balm of Villa dei Fiori with her longtime friend best-selling author and fine art photographer, Joyce Tenneson. A big thanks to those of you who submitted questions for our guest.

"Scientists believe that flowers are more responsive than previously imagined - having ways of touching, hearing and smiling."

In addition to offering her reflections and insights, in this first GARDEN CHAT episode Joyce also shares some exclusive (brand new content), entitled: Flowers: The Lifecycle of Beauty. This portion of our GARDEN CHAT begins just after our guest's introduction. In this visual meditation, Joyce's magnificent photographs of flowers are set to a hushed soundscape of musical notes. We invite you to relax back and enjoy ten minute's of ease and wonder, and to share this conversation as an uplift to others!

Joyce Tenneson's photography has been exhibited internationally, and her 16 books continue to bring joy and inspiration to hundreds of thousands of readers. In 2018 she was honored at Carnegie Hall with a Lucie Award for "Achievement in Portraiture". We are fortunate here in Palm Beach to be able to experience her work in-person at Holden-Luntz Gallery on Worth Avenue. Pencil in a field trip next season, and see for yourself the timeless beauty that Joyce captures and expresses through her fine art photography. Please click HERE to enjoy Dale's conversation with Joyce Tenneson...

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