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Forward Thinking...

Though our season in paradise was unfortunately abbreviated, looking back on our 2020 programming, one cannot help but feel a swell of gratitude for the rich content and spirited conversation we enjoyed despite the change in plans. From Avik Roy and his call for common ground on the healthcare front, to Dr. Stephen Edward David III's insights on the interface between sea level rise and climate change happening out in the Everglades, to Rebecca Hoffberger's passion for living an artful existence, to Michael and David Stern celebrating the life of their father Isaac, to the soundscapes which filled the gardens compliments of a host of gifted young artists... our minds were stretched in many transformative ways.

As we move forward, together, in this chapter of "social distancing", please know that the Coudert Institute remains committed to looking forward and remaining creatively innovative with our programming regardless of how its delivery takes shape. Throughout these socializing shifts we are all navigating, as a result of the coronavirus, rest assured that we will be in continued communication with our membership. We encourage each of you to stay connected as well! Soon you will be receiving our newly launched members only e-mail newsletter Inside the Institute -- one of our new initiatives for keeping you current into our 2021 season and beyond. The Institute's administrative and leadership team has swiftly (and seamlessly) transitioned into a remote work environment in the wake of this world pandemic. One of the resources supporting us in this pivot is the cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars known as Zoom. One of Zoom's many features is its ease of use across mobile devices, desktops and telephones. As we explore new methods for continued engagement within our membership, please consider getting to know Zoom through these free online tutorials designed specifically for new users. Click this link for a Quick Zoom Overview which directs brand new users as they get started, taking them straight through to the basics of joining a meeting. As you become more acclimated to the Zoom platform, you might also consider this tutorial which focuses specifically on Joining a Zoom Meeting.

Back in February, in our wonderful evening together enjoying the wisdom of Wallace J. Nichols, Ph. D., at the Palm Beach Zoo, Dr. Nichols gifted us each a blue marble as a reminder of scale and our interconnectedness. "Waters reflect back to us our lives, and our changing lives," he offered. His teachings ring especially true for us now as we work together for the common good. Take good care during this time of pause, and know that we look forward to bringing you a 2021 season flush with inspired programming and community!

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