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Welcome to our 2020 - 2021 Season!

For the past two decades the Coudert Institute has, in a non-political manner, earned a reputation for driving meaningful change. Through civil dialogue, we tackle the questions of our time. We look forward to reconvening in our upcoming season, especially after this extended period of self-isolation. 

Using the utmost caution in planning our brand new season, we are committed to soothing some of the fatigue brought on by these uncertain times. We have some fabulous programming on tap, and we invite you to be a part of it! The Coudert Institute is unique in that we remain a fairly compact community. This allows us to resume our boutique-style in person gatherings. In addition to wearing masks and practicing social distancing, we will cap our attendance and host our events in over-sized settings, allowing us to safely distance from one another yet still enjoy some aspects of human connection.


We also look forward to continuing to offer our musical programming outdoors, in the gardens, as much as possible. And, for those of you who may prefer to join us from afar, we hope to have much of our content available for remote consumption.


Welcome to a brand new season. Stay curious with us!

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