"In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit."
Albert Schweitzer

Since its inception in 2001, and for the past eighteen years,  the Coudert Institute strives to represent a mosaic of the world's diversity through both action and intent. We welcome and embrace diversity in membership, as it is only through the lens of our unique and varied experiences that we may hope to glimpse the wisdom we need in order to make meaningful change in the world. We are non-political and non-partisan.

With the assistance and counsel of the Coudert Institute Board Of Directors, Dale Coudert's eponymous organization takes considerable pride in being both non-partisan and non-ideological.  "We are not a one-philosophy institute," emphasizes Ms Coudert. At a time when most policy groups and think-tanks share preconceived agendas and seek mainly to document already arrived at conclusions, the
Coudert Institute welcomes open dialogue and diverse opinions as the best way to reach thoughtful conclusions. This approach in turn helps our members make more meaningful contributions locally, nationally, and globally.  While the institute's programs frequently target categories of national and international importance, they balance the programs with music and art.

The institute has conducted seminars on diverse and delicate subjects such as:

The Psychology of Carl Jung
Man's Search for Meaning
The Media's Public Interest Responsibilities
The War on Terror
The Effects of Genetics and Medicine in the 21st Century
Restoring Investor Confidence in Equity Securities
Spirituality and Health in The Age of Science
Religious Reconciliation
The American City
Pianist Alexander Beridze at Carnegie produced by the Coudert institute
An evening in the Cabaret in Memory of Muriel Seiberts
Art Alert with IFAR; Authentication, Provenance, Fakes and Frauds

Membership in the Coudert Institute is and will always remain open to anyone who wishes to join. With your membership you will receive invitations to special private dinners with our guest speakers, open to members only. These dinners provide the members with direct access to the speaker and allow for a one to one conversation.

To make an inquiry about membership and learn about our series of speakers and events, including exclusive dinners and cocktail receptions, please call 561-659-6161 or email: coudertinstitute@me.com

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